The House

The dining room in the north apartment viewed from the pool table room.

The house

The house was built in 1826 and not much has changed since. Fridges and stoves runs on gas and water is pumped by hand from the well in the middle of the courtyard.

The house is filled with daylight during the day and when the sun goes down, oil lamps are used for light since there is no electricity. The toilet is located in the outhouse.

The house is located right next to the old lighthouse, at the east tip of the Island. With 7 km to the nearest neighbour. You will find yourself surrounded by nothing more than turquoise water and sand dunes.

The west coartyard with the lighthouse in the background.

“After a couple of days here, perception of time starts to change”

Fyrgården viewed from the lighthouse with the south beach in the background.

Bathroom located in the north apartment.

When you want to take a bath you simply make a fire and wait for an hour or two before the water is heated. Make sure to keep the kettle filled with water when heated because otherwise it will crack due to the heat.

The house is filled with art in different formes. All made by family members and close friends.

Bedroom wall in the south apartment.

“The unique shape of the house makes it possible to always find your own private space”

The house consists of three separate apartments that are equipped with kitchens and multiple bedrooms. This makes it possible to rent the whole house or just one of the apartments.

Bedrooms are equipped with all the necessities and most of them have fireplaces to keep the heat when it gets cold.

The big kitchen in the north apartment. Perfect when you want to cook for larger groups.

Dining room, north apartment.

The north apartment is the biggest and that is also where you find the dining room for bigger occasions and scandinavia's most isolated pool table room.

The courtyard is the natural meetingplace with access to all of the apartments.