There is different ways of getting to the Island. You can fly from Denmark, Sweden or prefered location. You can also take the Anholt ferry from Grenaa, Denmark.
If you are travelling from Sweden there is a ferry from Varberg that goes to Grenaa where you find the Anholt ferry.

When you arrive at Anholt you can either use the car belonging to the house, the transportation costs for using the car is 500 DKK to and from Fyrgården.
If you are a larger group of people there is also the possibility to book a ride from one of the locals on the island.

There is no Wifi at the house and if you don't want to wash your clothes by hand there is a laundromat at the harbour. You have to bring your own bedclothes and towels. There is lots of outdoor furniture and there is also a grill.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch,

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