Welcome to Fyrgården, a hidden sanctuary in the middle of Kattegatt.

Fyrgården has been a second home to the Arén family since 1968. Today it is run as a foundation. The foundation takes care of the house by renting it out to individuals and organisations who share our fascination for this unique house and it’s surroundings.

The porch in the north apartment.

The house

Fyrgården is located on the east tip of Anholt by the old lighthouse. The house was built in 1826 for the Lighthouse keeper, his family and staff. Later it turned into the deposition it has today with three seperate households.

Fyrgården is frequently visited by locals of the Island and people come here for vacation, conferences, private parties & weddings amongst other occasions.

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“Fyrgården is where you come with friends & family to filter away all the noise”

Sun setting on the lighthouse.

The surroundings

The only way to get to the house is by the beach or through the biggest desert in Scandinavia. Here you’ll find yourself surrounded by nothing more than turquoise water and sand dunes.

The fact that the closest neighbour lives 7 km away gives you a true feeling of being isolated.

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