The Surroundings

Fyrgården viewed through the bushes from south-east.

The Surroundings

Anholt is a small island located in the middle of Kattegat - Denmark and has been settled since the New Stone Age. Today it's inhabited by 150 people who live there permanently. It is surrounded by reefs and shoals and most of the island consists of Scandinavia's biggest desert.

“The nature here is very unique. It really doesn’t feel like you’re in Scandinavia”

The north beach with the lighthouse in the background.

Fyrgården is located right next to the old lighthouse, at the east tip of the Island. With 7 km to the nearest neighbour. Here you’ll find yourself surrounded by nothing more than turquoise water and sand dunes.

Sunset at the lighthouse.

The seal sanctuary.

There is a seal sanctuary right next to the house and it is not unusual to get company from a couple of seals when you are taking your morning bath or just taking a walk along the beach.

The village is located 8 km to the south west of the house. Here you can find a small museum, grocery store, bicycle shop, bars, restaurants and a harbour which is usually full of people during the summer.

The village.

Road to the harbor.